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Genstar4 VLPs

Genstar4 is a comprehensive software suite enabling Virtual Lead Parties or VLPs to participate in the balancing mechanism and TERRE markets supporting interactions with National Grid ESO via the EDT, EDL and Wider Access API communication protocols and Elexon for registration, delivered volume submissions and settlement reports.


  • Genstar4 Administrator

    Provides system management functions for the suite including user access, logging, alerts and alarms.

  • Genstar4 Power Scheduler

    Supports availability and production scheduling, declarations EDT messaging.

  • Genstar4 Energy Bidder

    Support for the bidding activity for each market gate closure in the BM and TERRE.

  • Genstar4 Transaction Notifier

    Supports interactions with Elexon for CVA Qualification and CRA registration flows.

  • Genstar4 EDL

    The EDL module interfaces to National Grid ESO to submit redeclarations and receive instructions.

  • Genstar4 VLP

    Calculates and submits delivered volume SVAA submissions to Elexon for Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs).

  • Genstar4 Settlements

    Settlements covers the reconciliation and settlement of the payments and charges levied by Elexon.

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