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Genstar4 Dispatch

Genstar4 provides software to help Energy Traders balance their portfolios and trade in the market, plant operators to notify their latest position and manage real time generation and allows parties to model retail or wholesale energy contract to ensure that they are meeting contractual requirements and sourcing their energy requirements in the most efficient manner.

The Energy suite of software:

  • Genstar4 Administrator

    The Administrator provides system management functions for the suite.

  • Genstar4 Power Scheduler

    The Power Scheduler covers the activities for availability and production scheduling.

  • Genstar4 Asset Monitor

    The Asset Monitor provides real-time performance monitoring and reporting.

  • Genstar4 Energy Bidder

    The Energy Bidder provides support for the bidding activity for each market gate closure.

  • Genstar4 EDL

    The EDL module interfaces to National Grid for the exchange of information.

  • Genstar4 Transaction Notifier

    The Transaction Notifier module supports Contract Volume Notifications to Elexon.

  • Genstar4 Settlements

    The Settlements module covers the settlement of the payments and charges levied by the National Grid.

  • Genstar4 Decision Support

    The Decision Support provides access to historical market data to support decision making.

  • Genstar4 Contract Manager

    The Contract Manager provides a fully configurable environment for contract settlement.

  • Genstar4 Fuel Manager

    Fuel Manager supports requirements, nominations and validations for power stations.

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