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Genstar4 Electronic Dispatch and Logging – EDL

What does EDL do?

Participants in the UK electricity Balancing Mechanism require a Control Point (CP) to manage their Balancing Mechanism Units (BMUs) and an accredited Electronic Dispatch & Logging (EDL) software system to communicate real time with the Electricity System Operator, National Grid ESO. This enables the participant, be it a generator or demand side participant, to receive real time instructions from NGE and to submit real time changes to dynamic parameters back to NGE.

With EDL you can:

  • Submit real time changes to plant characteristic to NGE e.g. quickly set Maximum Export Limit (MEL) to zero if the plant trips.
  • Receive bid – offer acceptance (BOAI) data from NGE.
  • Receive ancillary service parameters such as frequency response or for warming contracts.
  • Receive emergency instructions from NGE.
  • Receive TERRE bid / offer acceptances (BOAR) instructions from NGE.

A fixed MPLS line (and ISDN2 backup line) is required for EDL. This is the responsibility of NGE.

NGE also specify backup telephony requirements (Green Phone protocol) in the event of a communication failure.

Installation of an EDL line is a lengthy process with lead times in excess of six months.

Dunstan Thomas provides a hosted service for EDL with its’ Genstar4 software which includes pre-installed EDL and EDT lines.

The future of EDL

It is likely that as part of NGE’s Wider Access initiative, EDL communications will be simplified for smaller participates with the introduction of a secure web service rather than fixed MPLS lines.

This is likely to become clearer during 2020 as the Wider Access initiatives and P344 TERRE are rolled out.

There are also strict standards to follow for EDL communications as described in the V5 Communications Standards published by NGE.

EDL accreditation

Genstar4 is on the National Grid ESO (NGE) list of accredited suppliers of EDL systems for participants in the UK electricity market. The Genstar4 EDL module has successfully completed all NGE’s Business Process Interface Tests (BPITs) and has an EDL (Control Point) Qualification Test Certificate.

Genstar4 will also be certified for TERRE messages in 2020.

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