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Electricity Trading, Optimisation & Dispatch

Dunstan Thomas Energy Limited provides solutions for the wholesale energy market

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The UK electricity generation industry is evolving with the emergence of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) presenting new challenges and opportunities in the UK electricity Balancing Mechanism and TERRE markets.


ATOM is trading optimisation and asset scheduling software for electricity markets. ATOM allows scheduling at any level from company level to engine level and integrates with Genstar4 EDL/EDT dispatch solution for seamless connection to National Grid.


The Genstar4 suite helps traders balance their portfolios and generators, aggregators, VLPs and asset operators to participate in the balancing mechanism and TERRE markets and interact with National Grid ESO via EDT, EDL or Wider Access.


EnergyHub is a component based client portal and KPI dashboard for the energy industry, providing flexibility to deliver information in an engaging way to users. EnergyHub can integrate into any number of data sources and systems to extend the life of existing applications and consolidate BI & MI.