Gary Vasey interviews Dunstan Thomas Energy's David Holt and Andrew Chaplin

12th June 2019

In late May, David Holt, Managing Director of DTE, and Andrew Chaplin, product manager, sat down with Gary Vasey for an interview concerning the rapid rise of Dunstan Thomas Energy in recent years. Gary Vasey is an industry expert, specialising in the areas of commodity trading and risk management software, with upwards of 35 years’ experience in the energy and commodities trading industry itself.

The predominant subject in this interview was Dunstan Thomas Energy’s innovative client portal and KPI dashboard – EnergyHub. This product is designed to be both flexible and agile to meet the requirements of the client, delivering customer portals and internal dashboards across the energy industry complete with interactive charts and graphs, drilldowns, and compelling graphics. In the words of David Holt – “EnergyHub is able to integrate into any number of data sources and systems to extend the life of existing applications and consolidate BI & MI”.

The interview began with a demonstration and overview of EnergyHub, in which David and Andrew demonstrated key performance indicators, self-service billing, contract settlements, asset performance and energy monitoring. Alongside these key features, EnergyHubs’ ability to future proof IT investments while keeping pace with changing user behaviour across devices was validated.

The newest solution from DT Energy, ATOM, uses the EnergyHub framework to allow small generators/aggregators to trade power availability and participate in the balancing mechanism and TERRE markets. As noted by Gary Vasey, “the optimization of trades across a large portfolio of assets of different classes becomes ever more complex and challenging”, an issue which ATOM solves through the use of the EnergyHub framework.

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