Dunstan Thomas Energy Launches ATOM

11th July 2019

Dunstan Thomas Energy have launched ATOM in partnership with Conrad Energy. ATOM, named the Asset Trade Optimisation Module, is Dunstan Thomas’ asset scheduling and optimisation software, which delivers decision support and automation for generators/aggregators with numerous geographically dispersed, potentially mixed-class assets to optimise trading and asset scheduling across multiple markets based on real-time indicators of profitable opportunity

ATOM is built on the EnergyHub platform, a component based client portal and business dashboard, which provides flexibility and agility allowing information and insight to be delivered in an exceptionally engaging manner.

    In addition to the aforementioned benefits, ATOM also:
  • Supports the optimisation of any asset type or class;
  • Allows scheduling of traded position at any level from company level to engine level;
  • Incorporates asset constraints and dynamic parameters into the schedule;
  • Integrates with Genstar4 for seamless communication with National Grid ESO;
  • Integrates with an ETRM to get positions, check reports & trading book configurations;
  • Displays a real time view of trading opportunities indexed by profitability;
  • Determines availability for short term trading and balancing bidding
  • Supports the submission of trades to the EPEX Spot Day Ahead and Intra-Day markets;
  • Delivers easy identification of trading opportunities by asset and period or block;
  • Delivers detailed breakdowns of bid and offer positions by asset;
  • Supports BMUs, Virtual BMUs, Additional BMUs and non-BMUs;
  • Is compatible with the Balancing Mechanism and forthcoming TERRE market.

If you would like to know more about ATOM, contact us here.

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