imago - products

The Imago Interactive Infographic

Imago delivers solutions for platforms and providers in the financial services market.

Imago delivers modular solutions across the lifecycle creating clarity from complexity.

The Imago sub-products are:

  • Imago Tools are a set of tools that can be used online by consumers and advisers to help understand choices available in investing or saving and planning for retirement.

  • Imago Illustrations is the market leading illustrations solution for wealth managers, platforms and providers. Imago Illustrations is a configurable, powerful and scalable.

  • Imago Portal provides an “out of the box” portal solution designed to meet the needs of providers, bringing together information to enrich user engagement and experiences.

  • Imago Administration is a highly configurable product administration and policy administration system with an API to augment, renew and refresh legacy or new technology.

  • Imago Automation automates process to deliver greater efficiencies, to create more productive environments by bringing together data, calculations, reporting and process.