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Surya solutions are your software services partner specializing in software development, project consultation, sourcing and placing professional contractors and up-skilling project teams through education.

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Surya Solutions have a number of open employment opportunities for IT Service Professionals ranging from contractor engagements to permanent positions.


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Surya Solutions is an established supplier of Qualified and Certified IT Professionals for interim, project and temporary assignments.

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What Opportunities will 5G bring?

Over the next few years we will start to see Fifth Generation mobile internet (5G) become more mainstream in everyday life and business, from the world of retail to farming and factories.   What is 5G?   Through a greater use of the radio spectrum, 5G will allow more devices to access the internet at

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Cybersecurity: Where Will Future Threats Come from?

As technology evolves and develops, more and more of our lives are being conducted online. With more company and personal data being stored online, there is an even greater threat from cyber-crime than ever before, meaning that cybersecurity will become a key issue for every company. A Study by Michel Cukier at the University of

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Blockchain: Speeding up transactions and building trust

Blockchain: Speeding up transactions, building trust and guaranteeing provenance to grease the wheels of commerce. Blockchain works when someone asserts a transaction i.e. ‘I want to pay you X for something’. This transaction is then broadcast to all connected computers that are participating in that blockchain. Participants assess the transaction and then approve or deny

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