J2EE Technologies

Surya Solutions has a strong & experienced team of consultants with a varied degree of experience across the J2EE technology & framework stack. We have experienced J2EE Designers & Architects that were involved in desigining & architecting solutions with objective of high performance, security & scalability.

Our consultants are experienced across JAVA 1.6/1.7, SOA – WSDL, XSD, REST Web services (SOAP and REST), IBM WAS 7.0 and 8.5, Data structures, Spring Core, Spring Integration, Algorithms, Apache Camel, JBoss Fuse, Drools, IBM MQ, IBM WMB, IBM Data power, Castorand JAXB for SOAP over JMS and http,Backbone JS, Jasper Report, clear case, IBM RSA, Control – M. Our consultants are also experienced across continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, Grunt, Atlassian Bamboo and SONAR. We have undertaken assignments that used Mule Soft, Rational Clear case and Clear Quest Maven 3.x build, Test Driven Development.

Microsoft .NET

We have a strong team of Microsoft consultants that can take on a variety of Microsoft based projects. We have a Technical Architecture team that can help assess your current landscape and advise and guide in strategy decisions. Our experienced team has cross platform experience with the latest Azure Cloud offerings from Microsoft. Our team of consultants has strong experience of designing & implementing BizTalk Server based enterprise integration services to help consolidate business systems for more productivity. Our team of consultants have varied experience across Retail, Banking, Insurance & Bespoke system development.

Our Share Point practice comprises of individuals that have presented at various User Group meetings. We can help you plan, train & migrate from old Share Point versions to the newer versions. We have conducted user workshops for our clients to help them assess their current use of the SP technology & how they can achieve more from their investments.

Opensource Technologies

Open source solutions have come a long way since inception of the open source idea. Many leading software companies now provide their software under open source. We at Surya have embraced the open source philosophy and have a dedicated practice towards open source. Most of our tools used in-house are open source. Our consultants are experienced across a variety of opensource technologies like PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

We have a wide variety of experience across open source tools. We are a technology agnostic open source solution provider hence we evaluate the right solutions for our clients based on their demands and needs.

Enterprise Mobility

The demand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, Google Android and Windows 7 Mobile is surging as consumer preferences and behavior spill over into the business workforce. The drive for mobility is part of the business technology agenda for most companies today. Mobile technology allows people to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Whether your staff are travelling to meetings, out on sales calls, working from a client’s site or from home anywhere on the globe, mobile devices can help them keep in touch, be productive, and make use of company resources.

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps provide the best usability, the best features, and the best overall mobile experience. Native Apps provide multi-touch, gestures, fast graphics API, fluid animation & built-in components. The native platform is what people are accustomed to, and so when you add that familiarity with all of the native features they expect, you have an app that’s just plain easier to use.

HTML 5 Web Apps

An HTML5 mobile app is basically a web page, or series of web pages, that are designed to work on a tiny screen. As such, HTML5 apps are device agnostic and can be opened with any modern mobile browser. And because your content is on the web, it’s searchable, which can be a huge benefit depending on the app (shopping, for example). HTML5 has emerged as a very popular way for building mobile applications. Multiple UI frameworks are available for solving some of the most complex problems that no developer wants to reinvent. JQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch provide elegant mobile components, with hundreds if not thousands of plugins that offer everything from carousels to super elaborate controls. The latest batch of browsers support hardware accelerated CSS3 animation properties, providing smooth motion for sliding panels as well transitions between screen.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid development combines the best (or worst) of both the native and HTML5 worlds. We define hybrid as a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is then wrapped inside a thin native container that provides access to native platform features. PhoneGap is an example of the most popular container for creating hybrid mobile apps.

For the most part, hybrid apps provide the best of both worlds. Existing web developers that have become gurus at optimizing JavaScript, pushing CSS to create beautiful layouts, and writing compliant HTML code that works on any platform can now create sophisticated mobile applications that don’t sacrifice the cool native capabilities. In certain circumstances, native developers can write plugins for tasks like image processing, but in cases like this, the devil is in the details. On iOS, the embedded web browser or the UIWebView is not identical to the Safari browser. While the differences are minor, they can cause debugging headaches. That’s why it pays off to invest in popular frameworks that have addressed all of the limitations.

Surya can help you with Enterprise Mobility Strategy, Project & Team Setup, Development Best practices, Continuous Integration, Quality & Testing and App Store deployments.