iOS Development

Paddy Power were in the process of developing in-house iPad app. The new iPad app was designed to be market leading and hence there was keen interest to ensure it is designed and development to reflect Paddy Power brand and also help easy adoption. The internal teams had done excellent job of designing new look and feel as well as excellent user experience. The IT team was keen to engage a few senior and experienced iOS developers to help speed up the delivery as well as ensure best practices.

Surya was given the opportunity to provide the right resources with enterprise class experience. Surya helped build additional team that was based on Paddy Power offices in Dublin through Surya’s large and reliable resource pool of associates and employees. Our consultants worked directly under the management of Paddy Power as an extended develivery team to help deliver the App in time to the market.

The key benefits to the relationship were:

  • Ease of finding the resource with right skills and quality
  • Avoid long term protracted recruitment process through agencies
  • Escalation point for all individuals

Surya offered “right to hire” professional service Paddy Power. Under this service, we allow our customers to chose and hire any consultant on permanent role should the resource agree to join. This helps our clients with ability to retain knowledge over longer term through permanent hiring of selected resource.

The finished App can be downloaded from the App Store:
Paddy Power App

Sencha Touch HTML5

Paddy Power use Sencha Touch Framework to deliver a rich mobile user experience to its users. The in-house team has developed a number of online products using Sencha Touch framework. However, due to business pressures, they needed to quickly ramp-up the internal team with experience and highly skilled Sencha Touch developers. The recruitment team was already in the market trying to recruit Sencha Touch developers. However, the time taken to recruit a good quality resource was quite high.

Surya had already engaged with Paddy Power in providing iOS skilled resources to help their iOS program. Surya was engaged to provide Sencha Touch resources to work within Paddy Power’s Dublin offices. While HTML5 is not a new technology and Sencha Touch has also matured over the years, finding right resource with strong HTML5 and Sencha Touch orientation is really tough. Surya used its own associate pool to find and provide resources to Paddy Power to help them deliver the business demand in time.

Evaluation of Drupal as CMS Platform

Paddy Power have a number of web assets that are hosted on their infrastructure. The business wanted to evaluate a new CMS platform that can be used to replace or consolidate the existing websites. Based on the industry feedback and some internal research, Paddy Power were keen to try Drupal Opensource platform as a Web CMS.

The internal teams though were talented and experienced, did not have any strong Drupal expertise. They needed someone with enterprise grade Drupal experience to help them make the decision. Surya was delighted to be given a chance to conduct a proof of concept for Paddy Power.

Key Highight

Drupal offers a number of community contributed modules and alternatives of how to design and develop a CMS. The key requirement was to try to evaluate use of the CMS for:

  • Personalisation support in future through business intelligence data
  • Template engine use
  • Client side v/s Server side integration of JSON