Opensource ERP System Audit

Client was using an opensource ERP platform which had grown over time as the needs changed. The client were the largest users of the system. There were issues faced in the opensource platform that had to be fixed by the Cleint at their cost. An urgent assessment of the opensource ERP platform was needed to evaluate whether it was fit-for-purpose and it can sustain the 3-5 year roadmap of the client.

Surya was engaged to conduct the assessment of both the ERP platform as well as the usage of the platform including the service providers.


  • Is the current ERP platform capable of supporting 3‐5 years roadmap?
  • Is the current model of development outsourcing correct?
  • Are the product and service vendor engagement in line with future growth

Surya was engaged to review the current platform used by Specsavers. The engagement was to review not only the used ERP system but also review the risks associated with the company that was providing the systems. Total of 220 contracted staff were working for more than 4 years continuously building/customising the platform. The audit was performed to assess why so much effort was needed when the platform should have provided most of what they want.

The process of engagement with business was also reviewed including internal development process to see where consolidation can be done to help reduce the annual burn out rate.

Surya prepared a report and presented to the Head of IT. Surya was also used to engage with the US based ERP system provider to ensure Specsavers are getting best value for their money.


Evaluation of Multiple Intranet Platforms for Global Intranet

The client had a number of platforms used regionally to manage information. The systems were working fine in isolation, but there was a need to bring all the information to a common intranet platform that will help achieve knowledge sharing and collaboration effectively. Surya was engaged to evaluate available portal solutions including some of the existing ones that the client used.

The engagement was carried out on a fixed price basis. Surya and client jointly selected a list of 10 platforms that need to be evaluated. Surya then conducted a number of workshops with client teams based in UK and abroad to define the overall objectives of the new platform. Surya then came up with its own proprietary rating toolsets to evaluate and rate the platforms across various parameters jointly agreed. Surya then presented the findings to the client IT team.

Key Objectives

Drupal offers a number of community contributed modules and alternatives of how to design and develop a CMS. The key requirement was to try to evaluate use of the CMS for:

  • Consistent Global Intranet
    • Common look and feel
    • Common user experience
    • Global & Local Content
  • Global Collaboration Platform
    • Cross Territory & Geography collaboration
    • User generated content
      • Blogs
      • Wiki
      • Comments & Feedback
    • Global search
      • Content
      • Document library
      • Blogs, Wiki & Comments
  • Hierarchical Structure
    • Granular access control & security


Surya conducted detailed assessment of all the platforms involved:

  • Jive
  • Alfresco
  • Liferay
  • Drupal
  • Plone
  • jBoss
  • Terminal4
  • Share Point
  • Site Core

Surya produced a detailed report analysing the platform performance against the set criteria.