Annual Coldfusion Support & Maintenance

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global charity for international development research, teaching and communications. They have implemented Coldfusion based portal to help share the articles and information across with their team across the globe. The solution was designed and developed using Java technology and in-house team was managing to support and maintain the solution. However, due to business demand the in-house resources were required to be dedicated to more forward looking projects. Surya engaged with a 3rd Party to provide a support and maintenance solution to help keep the collaboration portal running.

While the in-house team were busy building new features to the existing Cold Fusion environment, the support and maintenance task was to ensure that fixes do not stop or break the existing work or future work. This required thorough understanding of the business process to ensure that the fixes are tested properly before deployment.

The engagement required Surya to take handover of the knowledge through:

  • Review of existing code base
  • Review of existing documentation
  • Looking at past defect fix records

Surya implemented a sterlie development environment to host the development system using Coldfusion and Java. Surya dedicated support staff to monitor the reporting of the defects and then conduct the analysis and provide report of estimation and impact to the IDS team. This helped manage the lack of Surya team’s knoweldge of how the existing system evolved at the same time ensured that the fixes were not going to affect elsewhere in the system.

The entire engagement was conducted on a managed price arrangement where the time spent was tracked and managed jointly.