Opensource CRM Implementation

A group of NHS Mobility Centres were using a 3rd Party provided CRM product to record and manage the client data as well as the disability assessment process. The existing system had reached its end of life and they wanted to replace it with an alternative future proof and stable platform. Due to budget constraints, opensource was a preferred option.

Surya was engaged to evaluate and recommend an opensource platform based on the client needs. Surya recommneded OpenERP, a Python based opensource ERP platform that was easy to use and customise. Surya proposed a fixed price engagement to customise and implement the OpenERP based solution.

Surya then engaged its team at client site to document the requirements. A team of consultants were involved in implementing the platform and extending the opensource platform.

The key challenge was to implement a calendar module that enabled the staff use it like a regular calendar booking application while the backend processed the workflow and created reminders for various roles. The overall definition of the workflow was also complex as each of the mobility centres were unique in their operation and independent in how they used the system. This was further complicated by the fact that the overall aim was to avoid a bespoke implementation for each centre thereby reducing the overall cost of maintenance and support.
The entire solution was deployed on a secure external system and integared with the internal systems using file based reports.