Business Process Modelling

The Modelling Notation; BPMN

Business Process ModellingSimilar techniques to UML Modelling can also be applied to capturing, analysing and managing business processes using standards such as the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).

BPMN allows an organisation’s business processes to be graphically represented in a Business Process Diagram using a flow-charting method similar to activity diagrams in UML Modelling but with additional capacity to handle logic and exceptions. The processes can then be analysed leading to quality and process efficiency improvements usually initiated by Business Analysts and Managers in a Change Management program.

BPMN Consulting

Surya Solutions provides consulting and training for organisations wishing to implement BPMN to model, analyse and improve their business processes. Our consultants act as mentor’s for our client’s analytical teams to ensure that projects succeed first time.

We advocate the use of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect as the software tool for capturing processes using BPMN.

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